Short stories

Current and recent versions of my science fiction and other short stories

Currrent (2018-2019) science fiction short stories, polished, nearly finished, but still working on them with workshops, trying to get them in publishable form. (not available; being submitted to publishers; will send you the link when they are online)

Planet Kepler-438b (22 pg double space) Surprises await a marine squad send down to a supposedly uninhabited planet. Updated 25 July 2019.

All’s Fair… (30 pg double space) A Space Navy intelligence analyst gets caught between a hard place and Martian rocks.

Multiverse Kingdom Part 1: Earth Princess (90 pg novella) The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and its future is in the care of a six-year old girl.

Older (~2015) short stories, from my creative writing classes, taken from life experiences:

The Pledge The experiences of a free-thinking, creative young girl who experienced the ecstasy of doing what seemed right and the defeat of fear in reaction. My first effort in creative writing class.

The Hills are Alive While Boston was great in some sense, it solidified my need for open spaces away from the madding crowd. My second effort in creative writing class

Lost Dog Reunited With Owner Interesting how hard it sometimes is for me to go out of my way, be on the spot and spontaneous in helping people. My first try at ‘creative’ journalism.